IIHF to Allow Coach’s Challenge at 2018 Olympics

NHL players and officials won’t be going to the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, but one part of the NHL rulebook will be – the Coach’s Challenge. The IIHF will permit Coach’s Challenges in the Olympics under the same situations currently allowed in the NHL: offside prior to a goal and goaltender interference. Teams who challenge the play unsuccessfully will be penalized in the same manner they are currently in the...

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Top officials from Austria and Germany will take charge of this season’s Champions Hockey League Final. Head Referee for the Final on 6 February in Växjö will be Marc Lemelin. A native of Albuquerque, USA, Lemelin joined Austria’s EBEL in the 2016-17 season after officiating over 50 games in the NHL. This season he has refereed in the EBEL and DEL, as well as seven CHL games. Lemelin has also been selected for the 2018...

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